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Frequently-Asked Questions

How do I calculate how much mulch I need?  [Top]
Use our online mulch calculator. Icon Calculator

Do you carry Landscape edging?[Top]
We carry a multitude of LS edging products. Cobble Stone, Cut Stone, Brick, Concrete, Plastic, and Aluminum.

Cobblestone is the most common edging used when bulk, natural stone appeal and sturdiness are all required. It has been used for centuries as a paver too. The streets of some of the oldest cities are edged and paved in cobble stone.

Cobblestone is generally cut from granite, available in granite gray, black and pink. Cobblestone is sold in 3 sizes. Regulation Size. 4 inches wide x 5 inches deep x 9 inches long. Jumbo size. 5 inches wide x 4 inches deep x 10 inches long Cubes. 4 inches wide x 4 inches deep x 4 inches long.

Brick edging has long been used as a staple in the older, traditional landcapes. Brick, which is available in just about every color and size, can be stood on end as a ‘sailor’ course or end to end in a ‘soldier’ course. When layed flat with the main body of a patio or walk way, it is backed by a plastic or aluminum brick edging.

Concrete, like brick comes in multiple choices. Sizes are ample as are texture options.

Plastic and Aluminum have become the most versatile edging products. They are designed to withstand all the rigors of the landscape, weather, and abuse. They are maneuverable to create shapes and movement in your landscape plan. Plastic and aluminum edging is most commonly used to hold walks and patios in place and shape to create a seamless transition from a hardscape surface to the softscape.

What is mulch? [Top]
Bark mulch is a blend of the bark and white wood generally from soft wood trees such as Pine, Spruce, Fir, Hemlock and Cedar.

What is the difference between bagged mulch and bulk mulch? [Top]
Bagged mulch is generally more expensive and contains nothing that a delivered pile of mulch does not. Bagged mulch may also originate from southern states and therefore contain insects and termites. It is best to use mulches that are from northern New England.

Why is mulch used?  [Top]
Mulch makes an excellent dressing in plant beds and landscape areas. It retains moisture in and around the roots of the plant. It also adds color and interest. Over time, mulch will break down and become part of the organic structure in your soil.

How often will I need to mulch?  [Top]
This will depend on what kind of mulch you get and how fresh you like your landscape to look. To keep "bark" mulches looking fresh, you will need to mulch once every year since they tend to break down quicker, enriching the soil below. Colored mulches may fade. To keep them looking good you may need to top-dress them once every year. Top dressing is applying 2-3 inches of new mulch on top of your existing material.

Sometimes I get mold on top of mulch. What is it and is it harmful?  [Top]
When it gets very hot and humid a fungus sometimes grows on top of mulch. It looks yellowish brown in color and can be unpleasant to look at. It can easily be gotten rid of by scraping it or with a good watering. This fungus is not harmful.

Does bark mulch attract bugs?  [Top]
Any organic material has the capability of attracting insects or bugs. This is not bad though because it is a part of the natural scheme of things. The mulch will not attract any more bugs or insects than would normally be there already.

Is your mulch treated?  [Top]
No, our mulches are not treated with chemicals. The materials used to produce mulch are all organic.

Is one kind better than another?  [Top]
No. Generally, the selection of which mulch to use comes down to color. All mulches accomplish the same task. Mulches that are more finely ground may break down more quickly but they may also look better when applied.

What's the difference between bark mulch and colored mulch?  [Top]
Bark mulch is made from the bark that comes off of trees when they are taken to the sawmills. It can be the bark and white wood or just the white wood. Colored mulch is usually made from ground up waste wood or pallets. This wood fiber material is usually dyed with a natural colorant, (a vegetable dye), to create a rainbow of colors.

How can I get mulch, loam, or stone?  [Top]
We have the ability to deliver all the materials we carry to your home or job site, or we will be happy to load you here at the materials center.

When do you deliver?  [Top]
We deliver materials mon.-fri 7am-5pm summer and fall, and in the spring we deliver on Saturdays. Winter deliveries is on a scheduled basis only.

How far in advance do I have to schedule a delivery?  [Top]
Please give us as much time as possible to fit you in to our schedule. Normally two days is a good lead time, in the spring at least 4 days. But please always call to check, we may have a break in the schedule that we can fit you into.

Can I get an exact time of delivery?  [Top]
No, unfortunately we cannot promise an exact time of delivery. Please call the morning of your scheduled day of delivery and we can estimate either a morning or afternoon drop time.

Do I have to be there when you deliver?  [Top]
No, Please leave a detailed map, or marked drop spot and we will take care of the rest. You can mark the spot with anything obvious (stake, flag, chair, pizza box, tarp, etc). Make sure the area is accessible by a 12 ft wide truck and an overhead dumping height of at least 20 ft.

Will there be damage to my property when you deliver?  [Top]
For the most part, we do not leave any damage from our equipment when we deliver if we stay on aged pavement or concrete. Our trucks are very heavy and can leave tire marks behind on lawn and shoulder areas.

What are the load capacity (yards) of our delivery trucks?  [Top]
Our trucks hold a max of 8 yards of aggregate or loam, and 10 yards of mulch or wood chips. There is a 1-yard minimum for bulk delivery. If you require more than 20 yards of material please call us direct so we quote you an accurate shipping rate.

How much palletized stone can I have delivered?  [Top]
We can deliver 1-10 pallets of stone at a time. We deliver our pallets with a truck equipped with a piggyback fork truck, so we can place the material as close to your project as possible.

How many yards of material can I fit in my pickup/trailer?  [Top]
On average a 6-foot truck bed can hold 1 yard of mulch and ½ yard of aggregate. For trailers you need to be aware of your trailer capacity. Please see 'How much does 1 yard of loam, aggregate, or mulch weigh?'

How much does 1 yard of loam, aggregate, or mulch weigh?  [Top]
1 cubic yard of topsoil weighs approximately 2000-2800 lbs 1 cubic yard of aggregate (3/4”-4” sieve size) weighs approximately 2400-2800 lbs. 1 cubic yard of mulch weighs approximately 600-800 lbs.

How much do bluestone and granite weigh?  [Top]
Blue stone weighs aprox. 150-170 lbs per cubic foot and granite weighs 165-185 lbs per cubic foot.

How much does one yard of mulch cover?  [Top]
1 cubic yard is 27 cubic feet. If you apply mulch 3" deep, one yard will cover about 100 square feet (a 10' X 10' area). It takes aprox. 9 bags of mulch (3 cubic foot bags) = 1 cubic yard.

How much does one yard of aggregate or loam cover?  [Top]
1 cubic yard is 27 cubic feet. Aggregates have a compaction rate. If you apply the material 2.5" deep, one yard will cover about 100 square feet (a 10' X 10' area).

  How do I install concrete pavers and retaining wall block?  [Top]
Please check out Unilock's website for great installation instructions:

How do I install a dry-stacked natural stone wall?  [Top]

Please check out the following website:    

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